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Bickermans & Quarrelsons

Two horrible couples share an awful brunch.

Bump In Mike

You remember Mike,right? Because he definitely remembers you.

Bump In Mikes Strikes Again

Is it cool if Mike uses your bathroom real quick

​​Voice Over

Going Viral: Episode 1

Anthony as a manic moron hell bent on

internet fame.

​Going Viral: Episode 2


Who Needs 311?

Anthony as Martin Earling, incompetent

manager of a bare bones 311 competitor in The Other Call Center


Anthony on-stage as  the hapless would-be gangster "Vic" at the June Havoc Theatre in Kinkokamera's production of Sidetracked.

Quick Character Reel

A minute illustrating what Anthony insists on

referring to as his "gaping range".


Smokey Joe Tango

Anthony in the heart-warming story of a homeless lawyer hell bent on changing the system and finding killer snacks in the garbage.

Anthony in Here Comes Godot

Pollo Muerto Variations

Smokey Joe Tango 2

Smokey Joe Tango's rates are highly competitive...which might have something

to do with him being homeless

Taco Breath

A goof-based-hitchcockian-psychological thriller tragic love story regarding one man's desperate passion for tortilla encased meats.

Crockpot Screenplay

Read my 2000 page my

2000 page screenplay...Seriously...Read it

Forte Brothers School of Basketball

Learn skills that will last a lifetime from basketball's most trusted minds.


Check out a blistering 1 minute 55 seconds

of Anthony's recent work.


         Film Reel


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